Wednesday, 3 November 2021

In which a postman delivers post

Well, it's been a very exciting day in and around the Meadowplace today. I know you're all waiting with bated breath to meet Jolly's three new lady friends. But you'll have to wait until tomorrow when Jolly will have uploaded his photos from today's coffee/lunch/dinner dates. He told me all about it when I got back from school. He came with me to deliver a birthday present and we had a great talk as we walked.
He was quite emotional when we got to our local postbox. He says he's starting to worry a bit about how close we're getting to the festive period with its increased pressure on postal deliveries. He's such a lovely bloke - just wants to make sure that everyone can be as jolly as him.
We were delivering our present by hand, so we walked on across the main road, down the street where we used to live (The Land of the Tearful Strawberries, where this little blog sprouted first), and over the hidden bridge to D's house. He was very pleased to meet Jolly. So pleased that he bravely stood on the cold, November ground in his bare feet. Jolly couldn't believe it.
Neither of us could believe the vertical rainbow we saw when we got back to our corner. We might have gone off in search of the crock of gold at its end, which was probably more or less where we had our loughshore walk yesterday, but Jolly had to get ready for his meal out with Grainne.
I picked him up in town afterwards and we took the long way home, past the Titanic Centre. I thought that Jolly was speechless at its impressive scale. The four wings of the building are designed to be exactly the size of Titanic's prow but also to look like an iceberg. Then I wondered was he speechless at my lack of tact. You probably don't want to be reminded of that horrendous night when you're about to cross the Atlantic yourself. Sorry, Jolly.

We promise to introduce you to Niamh, Aoife and Grainne tomorrow...



Pom Pom said...

Wow! I wish I was there, too! What a cute post box and I bet Jolly is glad he is retiring soon because Christmas mail is such hard work.
I want to see that Titanic monument. It's SO big!
I do hope Jolly's meet ups with the Colleens are successful. I bet he is working at sorting out his options over many cups of tea with sweet YOU!

Angela said...

I remember visiting the Titanic Exhibition with you when it was bright and new. It was fantastic [but we were not facing an Atlantic crossing- I can understand Jolly's reticence] Looking forward to him meeting his 3 new ladies You WILL give us the phonetic spellings of their names, won't you Mags? I did supply teaching in a class of 5 years and a new girl arrived one morning. The brightest child looked at her book, and said "Why is she called Nigh-Am-Her, Miss?" and refused to believe what I told her!!

M.K. said...

Looking forward to meeting the ladies! Glad you're having fun with our dear friend Jolly.

Sandra at Thistle Cove Farm said...

I noticed those bare feet first thing!

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