Friday, 31 July 2009

July in Jordanstown

This was the view from the rain splattered kitchen window today. More than strawberries crying in raised beds out there. Mattman couldn't understand why we weren't racing out to retrieve washing, as both suns are now well trained to do. No point in salvaging wet canoe gear though, is there?

This was much of my view this afternoon. PC dozed with suns, there not being much else to do as we all tried to summon up enough enthusiasm to set off for the swimming pool! So I unravelled soft, deep balls of repose and embarked on an hour's "looping". Kindly given by Crafting Catherine on her return from holiday, and surprisingly appropriate with weather, weather everywhere, and not a drop to like- lots of greenery overcast with black. These great drops of woollen moss I do however like very much.

And the binding yarn made me smile because I had a quick rummage in its entrails to discover that, just as Crafting Nicki maintained, yarn from the middle does indeed share itself magnanimously without unravelling its whole. She just didn't have the muddle between end and ball...

If you do have a look, notice that June in Jordanstown did display much less inclement conditions.

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Most fabulous suggestion for Surviving Summer Holidays

I am very pleased with this concept- as were five mummies and eight children today. You take it in turns to host Play Co-operative once a week. At lunchtime everyone comes to designated home with lunchbox and contribution to afternoon tea. Children play outrageously. Mothers drink tea. Lunch break. Children play outrageously. Mothers drink tea. Children come to table piled with colouring, cutting and sticking things. Mothers drink tea. All go home happy. Hurrah! See you next week chez ____.

Optional highlight- puppet show in five acts using lollypop stick puppets made at table/in heaven! A great day in the land of tearful strawberries.

There is another concept that has given me much hope- those words that say "What we will be has not yet been made known". PC would know more thereon, but I know this much today:-

So keen to join the fray outside was Jojo that any footwear would have to do. He is not quite his father's 6'6, so the shoes didn't get too far. But a smile-ridden mother got a glimpse of what one sun will be!

And so interested in the notion of reading a blog was Mattman that nothing else would do, not even bedtime, but that he would write something for the computer himself. So, alphabet firmly behind and text typing resolutely ahead, this is page two of "Some DVD Characters". (I was happily willing to forego evening routine for this voluntary exercise in spelling.) Glimpse two from sun one.

Roll on next Thursday!

Happy Ever After

In the midst of washing yet more dishes, since the dishwasher is as yet out of action, and comtemplating the amount of chores yet to be tackled, and having spent some time sitting on the stool in a corner of the kitchen all the better to see you with, my four year old Jojo, in the midst of this, my personal, fairytale setting...

I did happen to remark to PC (Prince Charming) that in the land of fairytales there comes first the hard work and then the Happy Ever After Day.* But that in the land of tearful strawberries it would appear that first you have your Happy Ever After Day, and most splendid it was**, and then you get the hard work.

He seemed not altogether uplifted by this observation on my part, but did proceed to dry as I washed!

I imagine that I am not the first woman to meditate upon this irony of life, but it did cast a small saccharine aura of romance over the nightly grind!

* Happy Ever After Day translates as Wedding Day in this house. First coined when Mattman was very small and wondering at Mummy's princess dress in the photo on Nanny P's wall.

** Said Happy Ever After Day was ten and a half years ago now, but the rum pink skirt and matching veil are as precious now as then! And worth every minute on the corner stool...

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