The irony of Advent

At this year's Preparing for Advent I was really struck by the things that women described as being their frustrations and worries and hassles in Advent- the things that distract them from their preparation for the coming of the Life-Light.  This is the complete list, not to discourage anyone! Rather to share the fact that we are surely all struggling under such very high expectations of ourselves? It strikes me that we are getting ready to welcome the arrival of a man who said that his yoke was easy and his burden was light. I think I've found my theme for 2013!

In no order:

Running out of time
The true meaning
Getting the baking done in time
Relationships x 2
Getting gifts right for the family x 2
Getting everything the children want
Keeping everyone happy x 2
Busyness x 3
Trying to make everything perfect x 3
Not being the real me
Present shopping and wrapping and posting x 4
Writing and posting cards in time
Food preparations x 4
Organising party
Cleaning house x 2
Travel arrangements
Materialism x 3
Panic buying in supermarkets
Remembering everything to do
Being mindful that Christmas for some is not a happy time
Work and study deadlines
Trips/concerts/Santa/visits etc x 2
Rooms for guests
The challenge of surprise
Absent friends


El Perro Blanco said...

ooh - it is quite frightening when you see them listed all together. Glad you resisted the urge to set fire to the notes!

Floss said...

That's a comprehensive, and very honest, list! Phew! I think it was great that you all got together to put these things into perspective. Now off to your Pause post...

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