Wednesday, 20 May 2015

May update

I was Googling for some images to go with that fabulous verse from Samuel- setting up a rock as a reminder that thus far, the Lord has been good to us. I liked this one, but it doesn't have the words.

Thus far in May I have, would you believe, really just nipped out and cleaned my car. I barely believe it myself. Having had an extremely unwell strawberry in said car at the weekend, I took a brief moment of non-nursing duties on Monday to just nip out and sort the damage. So, while I was there with lots of soapy water anyway, I thought I would just do that thing. You really can just nip out and clean a car. Who knew?

I have also been better at eating less nonsense, wasting less time on nonsense, and we have all been getting out for lots of fresh air. It's the worrying bit that has caught up with me. In the last five days all three of my men have been briefly in hospital.Not for long, and one is much better now! The other two are making progress.

All this just to say that it is good to look back with resolution and remember what God has done. And then to (try to) look forward with renewed confidence.

Blogging will be even more erratic than usual for a while- so love to all and to all a good night x

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Momentous mantra for May

I know I'm contravening someone's copyright somewhere, but I took this from farcebook so maybe that will be acceptable? This fabulously talented woman and bloggiste shared it last week and I find it eminently sensible. So I am adopting it as my mantra for this month, which you already know is making feel me feel more than slightly uneasy. So many months passing by. So little achieved!

I'm not sure that I'll manage to pray for twenty minutes twice a day. I am quite sure that there will be no thirty minute exercise session every day. For TV I should read farcebook- now that my Lenten successes are long gone. The rest, however, I could most gainfully employ.

We did have lots of time in nature today and it was lovely. We went to Springhill in County Tyrone. (Goodness, I think its Tyrone..) So many daffodils and bluebells. So much imaginative use of wood in the new adventure playground! Then Mattman and I sat outside on the back step for a while tonight. End-of-year school exams in two weeks and he's feeling the pressure. It's all very hard when you're twelve. I struggle at nearly four times that!

So from the strawberries in the meadow- we wish you all a May week of fresh air and juicy fruit xx

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Lesons still unlearned

So here we are in May. It feels somehow momentous. Mattman is into his last number of weeks at the end of his first year at Big School. Jo is well into the AQE process of getting ready for The Test that will determine his Big School. Summer is ahead and plans are being made. Another whole year gets ready to add itself to the accumulation. Years are still marked in school ones here!

I gave up on the 52 books in one (school) year a while ago. MK's recent post on whether or not we are still readers was interesting. I know that my attention span is definitely going the way of all my grey cells. So I have decided to get a grip!

I am 46 years of age and not at all proficient in lighting a fire. My mother was the protector of the fire, as of all other things, when I was at home. Then when I had my first house, Prince Charming would motor down to the little country town where I lived and show off his fire-building skills, and I was quite happy to let him do his cave man thing.

Our first house together had a gas fire, which I loved. Switch on when wanted. Switch off when done. Phone Andy's Stores (local purveyor of everything you could possibly need ever- including home removal service) and order new cylinder when necessary.

The Meadowplace however has a real fire in the Book Room. PC lit it often through the winter, usually on grim Saturday afternoons if we'd bought the weekend Irish Times and could hide from Minecraft with tea and the magazines.

Yesterday it rained all day and the boys had friends round from church. I decided to pull a chair right up to the fireplace with one of the remaining unpacked crates of bumpf and resolved to light the fire. I was nearly there. I did need some cave man assistance to make it properly secure. I was there the whole afternoon thereafter, supplementing with peat and old paperwork as came to hand. One crate down, x to go.

I'll have a photo of my first solo lit effort by the end of the month. I also want to have a photo of a clean car. Last night at friends' C. told us that if they are just in from school and her son is pottering and she still has her coat on she'll just nip out and wash the car. Just nip out and wash the car? Is this normal? I'll soon see....

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