Saturday, 30 June 2012

Solo summer surviving: Day One

Young Photographers of the Day

So, yesterday was Day One of the Summer Holidays, but I'm only patting myself on the back for the days when it's solo mum, due to PC keeping this thankfully-not-as-yet-leaking-in-the-rain roof over our heads.

We all went volunteering as is my wont on a Friday morning, then dumped a large thing at the Dump, then went to the Library to return non-overdue books (another pat on the back there, Mags), and then drove home through the rain for lunch.

Then a small friend came to play, so I took not two but three boys to the pool for a swim. If you can't beat the wet, join it. After an obligatory cafe stop we didn't visit a friend as planned and we didn't go to buy the balloons for Uncle William's fortieth birthday dinner that evening. Instead boys were delivered back home/to their father who was helping set up technical music things at the local community festival night, and I went to buy birthday balloons for Uncle William's fortieth birthday dinner that evening.

Did you know that there is a world helium shortage? There is, apparently, a world helium shortage. This is not good when both your mother and your newly forty year old brother's wife are expecting you to provide the fortieth birthday dinner balloons that evening. Oh well.

Then we went to Uncle William's forthieth birthday dinner, via the local community festival night. Then we came home late and went to bed. Where Mattman proudly read me bedtime tales from his P5 Writing Book. "Try not to start every sentence with Then". Maybe they'll make better photographers...

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Greatitudes 571 and 572: Healing and a shared future

Ingrafted branches- from Romans 11- were one of the images that got me through the Troubles.
"Where's your crown?" he asked, apparently!
One woman in the crowd had travelled from Sligo, determined to see Queen Elizabeth II. It's a novelty to see the British flag so free from the usual tight sectarian affiliations. It's a joy beyond words.
The leaving your gift at the altar thing from Matthew 5 was the other. First go and be reconciled... then come...

Beyond words today, folks; beyond words!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Hookery in the Chookery

I was hooking here tonight, and very nice it was too- thanks, Heather Boss!

Une petite aventure au Pays Basque

Welcome to Maison Marchand et le Pays Basque. A quick dash away from le train train quotidien.
Where even the roses are red.
Why la Basitde-Clairence is a bastide.
Miam miam- au Dejeuner sur l'Herbe, Cambo-les-Bains. Where we ate au lieu d'un pique-nique sur l'herbe!
The view from Edmond Rostand's window. On a Thursday too!
My balcony. Well, everyone's balcony. Mine for a while!
About to be shouted at for the second time in and around the Guggenheim, Bilbao.

About to be shouted at for the third time in and around the Guggenheim, Bilbao. Great Spanish learning curve!
Team Rowan. Visitation of young gap year man.
School choir practice, St Jean de Luz. Grumpy teacher. Maybe she was too hot?
Birarritz, finally!

Happy St Patrick's Day!

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