Friday, 9 August 2013

I know, I know,

I know I said I was snowed under and bottoms up but one of the most amazing minds you'll meet in the greater Belfast area, and indeed beyond, has just started writing a blog, and I really think you might want to have a little read.

Fearfully and Wordfully Made. Oh yes indeed.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Can't come out to play just now!

 Oh dear, we seem to be slightly en panne.
 It's not even anything particularly interesting or dramatic, but nonetheless,
les fraises will need a bit of regrouping, methinks! Enjoy the rest of your summer, bonne rentree- hoping to be back with you all soon x

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Views from my Windows

Welcome to Northern Ireland's default summer weather setting! For those of you still in need of hot drinks on a sunny day, Ang has some lovely TMOT tips for pretty flavour, but for views from Belfast suburbs on this first day of August, survey the rain, rain, rain!
Empty, dripping washing line; sad and dripping parasol! We have cut back the jungle that was a climbing but increasingly rogue rose tree and two self-seeded mystery saplings from the middle of the back fence. I think the roots of all will need to come out. As will the bamboo that PC transferred from its pot to the ground, just right of shot. I went out to cut some sprigs of vaguely pretty things this morning and realised that the bamboo is starting its bid for world domination.
Abandoned and dripping badminton net. Seems our badminton days may well have to remain in sunny Surrey!
Drip, drip, drip. The boys are happily occupied at an activity week, so have a huge sports hall to run around with lots of friends. Thankfully! I do hope that August is bringing some sunshine in through your windows- we will continue to look back wistfully on a super July!

Time stands still

 Hello! Sending you all lots of love from Northern Ireland, where nothing much changes just as everything changes, as usual. Time has stood ...