Thursday, 26 September 2013

Views from our Autumn windows

 I love Autumn, and I love all your posts in Autumn (or Spring for you New Zealand folk, and that just thrills my mind utterly...), so here I am popping my head out of the mire for a brief return to the Land of Blog!
 This very week the bottom leaves on the apple blossom tree tinged themselves with gold. Though all month here there has been a very blissful meander into Autumn. The air has been so soft that Jo Malone could have bottled it and called it something like "Mist and mellow apple tree".
 The apple tree is just beyond today's decorations. Prince Charming has counted the apples, and they are certainly groaning on the boughs. We are so unused to a harvest on our own doorstep that we haven't worked out whether to pick them, shake them, or wait for them to fall. If in doubt, do nought, as I always (always) say.
I brought this mini-pillow, now sadly water-stained and worse for wear, and there's a metaphor for life, back from the States many child-rearing seasons ago. I loved America in Autumn. You folk do seasons very well. I thought of you today in town when I saw a shop window full of Christmas jumpers.

Usually I go out now and buy the boys some pumpkin themed or at least coloured attire. Sadly my pumpkin boy, birthday next week, will no longer be persuaded into pumpkin costumes. He wouldn't even let me photograph him in his pumpkin hat this afternoon.

I do, however, have some views of a footpath coming soon. Bet you can't wait!

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