Saturday, 6 February 2021

First weekend in February

This week not only could we not really remember a pre-Pandemic world but we also started to struggle with memories of antediluvian life! We are obviously more than used to rain here in the Frozen North, but five solid, torrential, stormy days? That's rough even by our standards! But today, today the clouds scattered and we had a reprieve full of big blue sky. Just what we needed, now that January seems finally to have left us for another circuit of the year. 
The hurricane tree is still very bare, and I can't even see buds, but I did find snowdrops looking very confident in their overgrown corner of the drive. The maple tree too is leafless and budless, as far as I can tell. But the air whispers portents of longer days and fuller branches. I'm happy to be here, even in this chapter of our histories, as the air also whispers portents of a slow but steady end to These Strange Times, I hope. And isn't faith being sure of what you hope for and certain of what you do not see?
So, this month I am doing this: 

Reading - absolutely nothing at the minute. I've hit a concentration hiatus. All recommendations welcome! I did read some Michael Longley poetry last night. His wife taught me The Waste Land at Queen's. She was wonderful!

Making - Cushla's Comfort is finished, bar a great big blocking manoeuvre tomorrow followed by some pompom attachment! Then I will have to work out how to get it to Downpatrick under the current restrictions. Maybe February will be the month I finish the skirt I started making LAST February... And then I'll discover that it doesn't fit my Lockdown body any more!

Doing - Trying to keep swimming, but my goodness, it was painful this morning. I only swam twice in January what with all sorts of body things, and I am now woefully de-acclimatised! Trying too to keep the boys working well through their home-schooling. Trying to keep God somewhere in the middle of it all. Trying to remember that I am a daughter as well as a mother, and a sister as well. 

Belfast 4 Corners Festival has been on this week - digitally, like so many other resourceful events. So something I have been doing is going to 10pm Night Prayers with Jim Deeds. a wonderfully reflective character on the creative spiritual scene in and around Belfast. The Festival's theme this year has been "Breathe", and for fifteen minutes every night we have been doing just that. Breathing in and breathing out. Breathing in God, and breathing out hope. It's been lovely. Try it x 



gretchenjoanna said...

Breathing is good, too!

Your polar swims inspired my former housemate Kit to swim in a frigid pond up in Oregon, every day since she read about you on my blog! She told me today that after 2 1/2 minutes she is numb and nothing bothers her. She's getting to know the ducks that just took up residence, and they are getting used to her. :-)

Lisa Richards said...

All you frozen people and your swimming! I can hardly haul my sorry carcass off of the couch to do walking in place videos! :) But if you can plunge into arctic waters I guess I can try to do better. I too am trying to concentrate on the spiritual. What would we do without Him? I'm willing to agree with you that there is hope up ahead for something better. We know there will be ultimately! Hope your skirt fits! Hugs!

Pam said...

I also enjoyed the Richard Osman book. My favourite recently was the previous one serialised at lunchtime on Radio 4, Snow and the Works on the Northern Line. It was maybe slightly depressing but it ended satisfactorily - it was about a museum/archive.

Pom Pom said...

I love it that you are polar bear swimming! Whoa! I bet it makes you REALLY feel! That's always good!
Love you!

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