Friday, 31 December 2021



Ang always has her word for the year, and I'm never really on top of life enough to choose one, but this word seems to have chosen me this week: it's been pushing its way through all my readings and all my thoughts this week. So, forward, dearest blog friends. Thank you for always being just right here when I need comfort or inspiration or wisdom. Please keep doing what you do!

And a very Happy New Year from our house to yours. May there be bright light over every path you walk this next year x


M.K. said...

Those two photos! There's something magical and joyful about white lights at the end of December. It's the whole "light shining in the darkness" idea, which is what Jesus is. Forward! Yes, I'd rather go forward than back, right now. 2021 was grim in some ways. May our world heal and find hope this year.

Sandra at Thistle Cove Farm said...

Forward, eh? God knows there's no going back so forward it shall be. My word chose me further cementing the idea God has a sense of humor. Service. HA! The word I choose is 'self care' and yes, that's two words but sorely needed right now. My cup is empty, drained dry of even a semblance of moisture and if one more person who has someone to snug up against tonight tells me, "You always have God" I am afeared I might bonk them in the beanie.
Not very Christian is it but from Scripture, especially Psalms, I rest assured God can handle my pitiful honesty.
OH MY! I just looked at the thermometer and it's 31F which is around 0C...I need to top off the water in the horse trough. It was 17F last night, -8C, and the trough heater is working well...I am grateful.
So, dear Mags, forward...right out the door, to the barn with prayers God will overwhelm you with His blessings this year. This entire year. XO

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