Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Days 20 and 21: Solstice

So it's the longest day. Last year Prince Charming and I were enjoying this, but this year we are enjoying torrential rain and all is grey!

Black and white photography is definitely not grey, when it looks like the above. Darragh Casey, photographer and parent at the suns' school, has started the visual campaign. So, between making a difference and making apple cosies, and the usual, the making month goes on, the earth turns, and life revolves.

Darragh's website is fabulous- in the Exhibition section there are very beautiful portaits of poets and authors alike. More than enough to brighten a grey night!


Betty said...

Midsummer night - it doesn't feel like it at all does it.

Pom Pom said...

I'm sorry you have so much rain. We have sun and puffy white clouds today. I think I'll take a walk tonight and rejoice in the loooooong day and SUMMER. I love it more and more every year! Cheering for you, Apple Cozy Maker!

Anonymous said...

It was thoroughly miserable here for the Solstice, and only a little bit better today ..... I am thinking of emigrating (a regular thought!)