Thursday, 15 November 2012

That's politics

Dear Mitt Romney, Gordon Brown and Tom Elliott,

The suns were unsuccessful in their election campaign. They are gutted. I imagine you know how they feel. I find it incredibly wonderful that they came third and second respectively. As Prince Charming often says, however, there's no room on a score card for a story. I'll bet you know how that feels too.

They were particularly disgusted that some candidates were promising sweets to voters who supported them. "That's politics!" I said. "What's politics?" they asked.  So I was wondering if you had any thoughts about that?

We'll be ready next year. Lessons have been learnt.  Apparently content is as important as good intentions. Who knew?  Maybe that only works on school council though. I suspect that real politics might be more about the sweets.

(ps El Perro Blanco- look: six minutes to spare...)

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Angela said...

Bob says 2nd and 3rd places are 'very creditable' and I agree. Well done boys, for being willing to take part. Chalk it up to experience, and maybe next time round...
blessings xx