Friday, 23 November 2012

Here it comes

Hey, Forest followers. I think I can see a path out of the yellow woods. I might even be ready to take it by next week's end.  It's been nice in here. All these gorgeous wintry skies and stripped back trees.  Wrapping up and moving in the air that tastes good. I walked down to school this afternoon with Alexander (and his mum) and positively envied the way he stuck out his tongue to grasp every cold breath.

Even I can see, however, that the Christmas thing is upon us. I've been gatecrashing other people's parties all day!  This morning Jo's class walked to our area's outdoor Christmas tree for the lighting thereof.  I stopped there on my way home from the supermarket.  Carols, the local ministers, mummies and folk, and a man in red- that was the Mayor in his robes. Santa came at the end. We all stood at the edge of the Lough and cheered when the invisible lights came on. It was such a bright, stark day!

Then this afternoon I drove PC into the city to meet up with colleagues for his first Christmas "lunch" of the season. So we parked early and had a stroll around the Continental Market which is in full annual swing.  Alcohol-frei gluhwein and half an hour of a husband's hand and full attention!

At least later on Cooking Catherine and Queen Niqi came round to prepare for Preparing for Advent. We have just over a week to go!  It was very exciting. We rejigged plans completely and have lists of lists of things to do! So if you're in the greater Belfast area on Saturday 1st December, do come and carve some space for yourself before the Christmas thing takes over- and if you're not, well, all things are possible!


Angela said...

Is Alexander a lizard then?

magsmcc said...

NO! Ang! Aexander is the most delightful child on the school run. Mind you, I think he'd like to be a lizard! I seem to have lost Gumbo Lily's comment somehow. It's probably in a deep dark corner with your marbles!!

Gumbo Lily said...

Gatecrashing parties sounds like fun! How do you choose?