Tuesday, 6 November 2012


Dear Dormouse,

Thank you for your lovely thank you!  Last Lent I promised to send a Rend CD to someone who answered a question or solved some conundrum or fulfilled a quest or scaled a mountain or something. I don't recall much, except that it was you and that I subsequently and characteristically did absolutely nothing about it!

This was one of the many, many reasons why I decided to stay in the Forest this month. There is a definite need for me to stay quietly in one place, where there is cake, and not emerge until all muddle has been resolved.  Do you read E. M. Forster? In all the works I have read there is always a muddle of some description.  Much emotional tangle and upset. I'm fond of E. M. Forster...

So I am most glad to have despatched the CD! It was the first on a long list of things that I really must send, and send soon.  I noticed today that Rend have some songs on this year's Soul Survivor Live CD.  Just in case that might be as interesting to you as it is to me on a possible Christmas shopping list!  Although I notice the free delivery is only within the UK, and you are beautifully en France!

I like your blogs very much. I can link to the delicious foodie one, but not to View from the Teapot which will not load for me at all tonight. This is not good!  I like the snapshots that you give of a happy life in a beautiful country. I think it must reflect a very happy, beautiful soul.  In fact, I think that you should really be Dear Dormouse all the time!

I'm also very glad that you are doing the Grow Your Blog thing in January.  I signed up too. Isn't it that a strange and disconcerting side to blogging?  I have carelessly lost followers over the last two weeks, and fully expect that by the end of this mad forest month there will be only the six of you left. And that would be very nice.  But nonetheless, that's not really how my alter-blogging-ego feels.  The one lurking in the shadows tempted by numbers!

Mind you, I lose things all the time. Usually car keys and phone. Marbles, mind, that sort of thing. I think you are very wise to live in a teapot. Not too much space to mislay things there!  Thank you again for your lovely words.  It is indeed a great pleasure to make new and real friends in such an ethereal environment as this.  Maybe we will indeed meet some day soon in the house on the hill. I'd like to hear more about that quite soon.

Until then, Dear Dormouse,

Bon appetit, x


Angela said...

I think I left my marbles under a pile of dirty crockery in your kitchen last August.***

Confession - I dont think I have ever ready ANY E M Forster [must check bookcase of erudite daughter and borrow a volume from her. She has a better selection of classic literature than our county library service]

I love the Dormouse blogs too!

blessings and hugs to you & strawberries

***therefore you may have appropriated mine by mistake which will have added to your confusion. I did NOT mean to imply that the heap of dirty crocks was still there!!!

Fat Dormouse said...

Gosh...blush...shuffles feet in an embarrassed manner....Thank you...