Saturday, 3 November 2012


Dear MK,

This is Toon Tellegen. A few seasons ago I went to our library to choose some books for and with the strawberries.  While they were looking at Horrible Histories, Livid Legends and other such things, I stumbled across Letters to Anyone and Everyone. A week later I had my own copy, with The Squirrel's Birthday and Other Parties coming that Christmas from my brother. I'm hoping that a Prince Charming of my acquaintance will be delivering Far Away Across the Sea this year!

They are children's stories, made up for his daughter, then written down when she grew up. Tellegen is, apparently, a prolific writer of many genres, but I think I've found my favourite right here.  Only yesterday did I read any of the stories to the strawberries- usually I guard them zealously beside my bed where I read and chuckle and smile.  I did use "The Stranger who Crosses the River" in  a children's talk last year.

I think you would love these stories very much. They would be perfect for you, if you had a little lethargic moment sitting with your feet up beside the fire, taking a break from your own writing and crocheting and music and chores.  You too would volunteer to dance with Elephant, eat sweet beech nuts with Squirrel and Ant, and ponder the existence of the Stranger who makes the river flood in Winter.  Mostly you too would bask in the warmth of the words and the subtle irony. And you would love the cakes and parties; oh, so many cakes and parties...

The Forest of Toon is no bad place to start the Winter!


Pom Pom said...

Mmmmmm! This sounds like food for the muse!

M.K. said...

Well, now you have me very curious, dear Mags, and I shall have to go investigate. Maybe a book or two for my Christmas presents from Adam this year? Mr. Toon sounds like an imaginative fellow. I frankly do need some new reading/new blood in my bookcases these days! Thanks so much for telling me all about this new world!

Catherine said...

Hello Mags..I have been visiting but not saying much..flit, flit..but now I am back & I am sitting here saying Toon Tellegen over & over because it such a delicious name! What a kindly looking man, with just a dash of child-like twinkle in his eye. I shall do some exploring of your treasures..thank you. I am glad that you're not lost in Yellow Wood but instead have found your way to Toon Forest. And, very nice of you but no need to send the tights..don't think they're my size either ; ) Oh pressure at all to be the final destination!! I do hope that they will enjoy our Twinings New Zealand Earl Grey tea..& the odd picnic or too. Much love GK x0x0x