Monday, 5 November 2012

Greatitudes 648 - 671

 Dear Father of me and them and all,

Thank you for the last two months.  We have all had a very manageable and relaxed start to the school year.  We've seen two confident, happy boys around the house. We've played piano and violin and danced loudly to Katy Perry. We've heard enthusiastic tales of rugby and basketball and climbing. Goodness, thak you for the climbing. I am deeply grateful for the ordinary, not quite everyday joy of all that.
Thank you for our time off all together last week, and oh my, thank you for how much I loved lying on in bed without having to chivvy out to school, or wonder if I'd be in school myself.  Oh to know that I didn't have to wash my hair before lunch, or dinner, or maybe the next day! I couldn't believe how much I loved just being in bed: warm, and cosy and still!  Thank you for boys who are old enough to make their own breakfast....
Thank you for all the work you have given me this year. Thank you for how much that helps.  Not just financially, although that is great, but thank you for the getting back out into the world. Especially for my Managers' French class. I am very much enjoying work at that level again.  You do provide, and provide abundantly.
Thank you for my daily bread today. And for the soup and scones and coffee and tea and friends and crochet and chat.  Thank you for Catherine's hospitality and gorgeous ripple, with inspirational edging, and for Lorna's boots!  Maybe I'll finish my ripple one day too!  Thank you for things done and undone and even unthought of. You think of it all, and make it all beautiful, in your time. Thank you x


GretchenJoanna said...

Lying in bed...ahhh...sometimes the most nourishing and joy-inducing activity. And have you read Chesterton's essay "On Lying in Bed"? I must go read it now.
Thank you, God, for everything!

Angela said...

and thank you for friends - far away in miles, but close to our hearts - whose love and prayers keep us going in the tough moments, and whose laughter echoes in our memories - bless our friends Lord!!

Pom Pom said...

I love this heartfelt prayer of thanks. You DO have so much to thank Him for! Yay!
My ripples are at a standstill, too.

Betty said...

There's never a day when we can't find something to be thankful for I think and it's refreshing to stop and see what we have rather than what we have not - thanks. Betty

Fat Dormouse said...

Lovely. xx