Tuesday, 13 November 2012

It's still today

No, but really- I know that technically it's tomorrow, but I'm still in yesterday's clothes, discussing yesterday's events with Prince Charming and we are still downstairs with jobs to do so it must really be today?

Dear Barack Obama, David Cameron and Sammy Wilson,

I just want you to know that you need to watch your backs. The strawberry suns are running for School Council. Different classes, same steely resolve and passion for change.  Admittedly they're not quite sure what they would change, but then are you?

Obviously you are their main role models in this public sprited thing that they do.  Obviously they have been inspired by your careers, and have decided that this is a Good Thing to Do.  Here are their slogans:

Ensure you are happy in school- vote Mattman (Photo: happy, smiley Mattman on shores of Lough Lomond) ("ensure" one of tonight's P6 spellings...)

Thumbs up for our class- vote Jo. (Photo: Jo leaning casually against tree, Tollymore lake in background, gloved hands giving thumbs up)

I blame you, Sammy Wilson. Coming knocking our front door, all lovely and "vote for me". Coming to their school with Jubilee certificates and all. Supporting their mother's footpath campaign. The only time this mother voted for your party in her life was when she let them fill in her voting slip. Well, actually, she always lets them fill in her voting slip. But only after weeks of driving around discussing all those placards none of you ever remember to come round and take down from the trees...

Manifestos slightly unclear as yet. Has that ever happened to you? Mattman seems to think that negotiation in the playground is the way forward. Jo is not entirely sure what he'll say in his speech tomorrow, but I suspect he'll be relying on that head of shockingly blond hair and disarming smile- it seems to have worked for Boris Johnson.


El Perro Blanco said...

Not sure if we will let you get away with this.....of course we will.

Angela said...

Oh PLEASE do NOT let Jo become a Boris-Clone. He'll be moving rapidly towards the top of my prayer list if he does.

But I am thrilled at their public awareness, and wish them campaign success.

I too was up at 00.26 doing essential tasks. Bleary eyed now

blessings xx

Fat Dormouse said...

So you jut sneaked in a Monday post. We'll forgive you this time! Good luck to the Junior Strawberries as they campaign.