Friday, 2 November 2012


The squirrel sat at his table. He wanted to write a letter but he didn't know who to. He made a start by writing: Dear

"Dear Letter"  Letters to Anyone and Everyone   Toon Tellegen

Folks, I have decided to hang around the Forest of Toon for the rest of the month. Betty talked about how she likes to look for den places to spend the night, but actually Squirrel says I can stay with him if I help with furniture reconstruction, so I said I'd have a go.

Just so I don't forget about the real world though I thought I could write you a letter every day. Inspired, obviously, by Left-Handed Housewife's whole month of blogging last November.  Since it's a letter you don't have to reply.  But if you do you'd better dress it up in hat and gloves before you send it into the woods. ("One Winter's Day")

We all went out today to winterproof the family, so no lack of hats and gloves and long johns and flannel sheets and fleece things here. I will confess to having read lots and lots and lots of Tellegen to anyone who was listening in the car in a vain attempt to stave off sibling ribling.  (Ang, we survived our trip away with your rainbow game! Do you know how hard it is to spot someone in a yellow jacket on deserted mountian roads? Not a hi-vis cyclist in sight!)

I looked back at last November, which was full of Ang's Top Tips for Christmas, Pom Pom's Child-Like Christmas, Preparing for Advent with Cooking Catherine and moi, Floss' Pause in Advent, Belfast hosting MTV, Frances' daily doses of inspiration, and Ang's first visit to Strawberry Land. Goodness, that was one fabulous month!  I ambitiously stated that I would own stripey tights, start a ripple blanket, do that year's Preparing for Advent, and think of a reward for Frances. I only missed one of the above, and seem to have rectified that this very week.

But anyway. This year I'm just going to spend November in the Forest of Toon.  Without the tights- never a good idea to buy tights for 14 year-old girls, unless you are a 14 year-old girl. No matter what the urgent occasion...


Jane and Chris said...

Oh you do look pretty,my dear!
Jane x

M.K. said...

I love those tights!! Mags, you are adorable :) I'm frightened though, to imagine myself in them .... I'll admit this: I have absolutely no idea what you're referring to, when you say the forests of Toon and all that. Is this a children's book?

GretchenJoanna said...

The tights look like they would warm up the room just by their color!
Is it true? Is it for real? You will blog for the world every. day. ? What a happy November this will be!

Betty said...

We have been stocking up with winter woollies but on-line - I am beginning to wonder if I have some sort of mental affliction like this compulsive shoppers - mine is to order as much as I can, enjoy the excitement of opening the packaging and admiring the goods, then returning it all - either it doesn't fit, doesn't suit or is not built to last the severe winter I am expecting. Have fun in the woods - ours is covered in dog poo which spoils things and necessitates wellies.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Mags, this is too, too cute; love the tights! What about the shoes...what do they look like?
BTW, did you find your socks?
Forest of Toon...I want to come and play!

Fat Dormouse said...

I'm a bit like M.K. - mystified, but fascinated. I await eagerly to hear more.
Those tights are cool. But equally a little bit scary!