Sunday, 4 November 2012

Plans for a Cosy Monday Morning

Dear Animals,

Who is celebrating their birthday today?

If no one is, then who would like to have an early birthday?

If no one would like that, then who wants to celebrate something else and invite me for cake and tart?

If no one wants to do that either, then who wants to bake a cake (with honey and cream and sweet jelly and melted sugar) and to ask me to come around and eat it up?

If no one wants to do that, what then?

Help me.

The Bear

"Dear Animals"  Letters to Anyone and Everyone  Toon Tellegen

Tomorrow I will definitely be not working. The lovely very local little school that gives me work is having a staff training day and I am free to roam the Forest of Toon.  We are all thus gathering at Crafting Catherine's place for cake and tart, and hopefully some sock knitting.  Some sock knitting learning.  There may be pictures. Tomorrow.


M.K. said...

Happy Sigh. That sounds lovely :)

Pom Pom said...

Yay! Cake. I have a little lemon cake and now I think it is beckoning me from the kitchen!
I'm excited that the mailman will bring me two Toon books soon! Yippee!
Yay for Mondays that don't involve dashing off to school!
I have had a nice break!

Angela said...

we had cake yesterday - do not think it is postable or would send a slice.Have a lovely craft day at C's xx

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Mags, thank you for the smile you've given me...Dave celebrates his first year in heaven today. Or, rather, I celebrate his first year in heaven for there's no time in eternity, is there?

Isabelle said...

I hope it was fun!

GretchenJoanna said...

This morning I got invited to a Guilt-Free-Knitting Tea Party. Isn't that grand? The sad part is, it's not happening until after Thanksgiving!! This makes me think I have to do something on my own before that, especially after reading your cake-provoking here. I can't wait 3+ weeks, no....

Fat Dormouse said...

You can come here for cake anytime! You could stay at my friends' log cabin (well, sort of) on the hill above the village (really, you can. It's a gite!) and I will feed you cake every day. You deserve it, in thanks for my lovely gift.