Sunday, 12 June 2011

Day 12

Today I made hot chocolate and croissants for our Sunday School class who had a quick field trip chez nous this morning to celebrate the P7s moving on next year. PC, however, well,

PC made the music at the local churches' Pentecost Barbecue at Loughshore this afternoon. Photo taken before torrential rain!

He even managed to change a string al fresco mid-set. Photo taken before torrential rain!

I made myself as comfortable as possible. Photo taken before torrential rain!!


Catherine said...

Was that our BBQ? Note my non-presence!!Hope you didn't get too soaked! Cx

magsmcc said...

Yes, that was your barbecue! All finishing just as rain storm approached!

Pom Pom said...

You are so funny, Mags! Guess what I asked Bill to get in London? Two copies of Mollie Makes. Did I tell you that? Funny. I highly doubt he'll want to carry MM in his backpack to Germany, Rwanda, So. Africa, and Cambodia, but stranger things have happened. I like the sound of your downpours. I was just noticing Bill's perfect grass has a dry spot. I can't wait to meet you face to face and no need to prepare for us, the two who have slept in camp beds and terrible hotels for our entire married life. We'll not expect you to do anything for us, just answer your door, smile at us, talk, talk, talk, and send us back to our hotel. Bill has never been to Ireland (and I have never been to Europe, poor Pom Pom). Where were the strawberries whilst PC was playing tunes?

Angela said...

Hope you didn't get TOO wet [I should hate you or PC to shrink!!]

and hallelujah for 'comments' working again.

details of fun weekend will be posted tomorrow when i am properly awake again

love and blessings xx

magsmcc said...

Strawberries disappeared to playpark with grandmother of friends, and stayed there through the torrential rain! I did take the poor lady a cup of tea..