Monday, 13 June 2011

Day 13- crazy lady on beach at sunset

This is also supposed to be my Monday Greatitudes post, so here goes! This month of making things is really quite good. A bit of focus and pressure to cut through the daily getting on and getting through and generally enjoying it all, but not actually knowing what you've achieved, if anything!

Today I made the rest of my Mollie Makes episode 1 felt phone pouch. I had started last night with suns cutting and sticking too, and all was mellow and jolly. I finished it today in the Bean, and that was really very nice! Weekly-ish green tea and chat is super enough, but working on a little thing as the world goes by and you have ADULT company- better again!

Out and about with Niqi for a little while after, and I realised that magazines don't appear in episodes, but issues! But I'm sticking with episodes for Mollie Makes- it's like an episode of a jaw-dropping lifestyle programme in your bag. En plus, I found one last copy of episode 2 in the newsagents.

Otherwise I'm extremely grateful that I live in a country which will give lots of money to the third world, that people came to the meeting last week about which I have yet to post, that many fine people call us friends, and that we are booking downward and upward very nice stops for our holidays!

I'm always thankful for holidays! Number 3 in my three favourite things! (Excluding human beans.) I'm quite excited about this one- no intense packing of the car with camping equipment required, not in July anyway! A house on a beach- hence the title of my phone pouch: crazy lady on beach at sunset. Greatitudes 389-404; approaching half-way!


Angela said...

Loving the phone pouch, and the thought of the cute angel voices in your ear!
Planning holidays is such fun - do let me know if your trips ever include the UK.
Hope weather has been better for you today - we have had lots of sun here today
Love from your Crazy English Friend ! xx

quilterliz said...

G'day. I love that phone pouch.I could use one of them. What a great idea, it looks lovely. take care. Liz...

Betty said...

Phone pouch came out well - I am saving my Mollie Makes things up to do on holiday as they are fairly portable.

Catherine said...

The crazy lady is looking well!! Glad your day was a good one! Cx

Pom Pom said...

I sent Bill on a goose chase for Mollie Makes. "Look at the airport!" I said. It's supposed to be stateside now, but I can't find it. Your phone pouch is perfect!