Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Days 7,8,10 and 14: Making a difference

There haven't been many waking minutes this month unfilled with thoughts of road crossing possibilities! Out of my Lent thinking, and especially out of that day away I did with Cooking Catherine came some meetings and lots of emailing and an impressively accessible range of elected folk and even a facebook group called Cross the Jordanstown Road! Do join us! So far we're a fairly friendly bunch!

Over the next week we're announcing our desperate need for a lollipop person in local church services on Sunday, and trying to pull together a Big Morning Out next week- hopefully with media coverage- wow! If you're on this side of the Irish Sea, you'd be be most welcome to join one of our walking buses!

At our first meeting, the local station master described our route to school as a country road with motorway traffic, so, when no post appears to say otherwise, a difference in how hair-raising it can be walking less than a mile will be what I am trying to make!

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Angela said...

Keep up the fight - we managed to get a Pelican outside my kids Primary School - but it was awfully hard work.
USEFUL TIP - the Powers That Be said they had surveyed the road, and there was 'insufficient traffic' to warrant a crossing. We discovered they had done the survey at 2pm on a summer afternoon NOT at 8.35am when kids go to school and drivers go to work. We pressed for a more realistic assessment and that helped our cause.
Not on Facebook so cannto join your group! sorry

blessings [and prayers for success] x