Monday, 6 June 2011

Greatitudes 378-388 on Day 5

I finally made time to start climbing this mountain- with the Doctor and the Gladiator as climbing companions.

And I made time to read at the strawberry patch. With a blanket, because it was cold!

And then this evening I made time to read A Holy Experience, which I always put off because Ann Voskamp's words need time and savour and thought. And I was so glad I did, because her photos, better than mine, more profoundly meaningful than mine, were still a bit like mine!

And I am making time now to be thankful again on a Monday, for blogs that point you always in the right direction and that sanity-salvation high. For a husband who keeps you between the hedges, and even cuts the grass there too. For ironing that is finished! For the plight of the garage door that finally answered a question (that is admittedly an obscure one, GJ, sorry!). For bright, shiny, octane powered suns who demand time, but time in the right place. For the amount of "Behold" in Revelation, and isn't that what Voskamp is talking about today- looking for it now, expecting it now. And I was going to say this month that is nearly over, but then tomorrow isn't, as Jo postulated earlier, the last day of June and there is much to be made before the end!


Angela said...

Well done for MAKING IT to the top of the Ironing Mountain

check out your 'cookie functionality enabling' [get info via google] - I did this and it seems to be solving the blogger-comment problem

blessings xx

Pom Pom said...

Wow! Your iron is fancy! I love ironing even though I never catch up. There's something about taking things out of the basket, pressing just so, and hanging all in a row . . . love it!

Angela said...

aha! I see you are making comments again [on L-H Housewife]
I am too tired to blog
or sew
or think
we wont even MENTION doing ironing


GretchenJoanna said...

Ah, your octane-powered suns...they are blessed to have you, and the other way 'round, too. I'm glad you keep sharing your good life in your blog.

Gumbo Lily said...

It's good to be grateful for all the hard work and things to do that make life interesting. So many things to do when making the world go round.