Thursday, 23 February 2012

The Willows (may) have landed!

It is so spring-like today that the down jacket has not been out of the house and I wore shoes instead of boots for the first time since September! So, for their third country and second continent I am deciding that we can call this their third season of travels! I think the Willows may be on the island of Ireland! As I was out today, however, I missed the nice man in a van from Royal Mail who left his calling card. The only package I'm expecting is one full of a Grand Tour of the Whole World so I shall be going back to my nice friend on the hilltop tomorrow.

Hopefully a night's incarceration will not seem too much of an anti-climax after a trans-Atlantic flight and their daring escape from North Carolina- but I fear I will have much making up to do! Oh the pressure- below the highlights of their American Adventures- with joyous thanks to their hostesses!

Fast cars and a loose (Barbie) woman in Canada.

Churning butter in Oregon, amidst palatial splendour.

Back to beloved willows- but in Minnesota they are mystical ancient swamp willows!

Pooh Sticks in Appalachian mountain streams, and another charming young lady.

Fast cars and a glimpse of home at DISNEYLAND, FLORIDA for Christmas.

Held hostage in North Carolina. Biblical nature of escape most pleasing! For a full reminder of their adventures hitherto click on the links at the top right of fraise. Look out, County Antrim- here they come!


Jen said...

Such fun!

Angela said...

Oh goodness - that means your place, then K&Cs, and then here. I shall have to do some more tidying up, quickly. I am in no way 'guest ready' here at the minute. Planning for new job seems to be consuming every spare moment.

Please ensure the trio have a good long stay in NI.

Thank you!

Pom Pom said...

Woo hoo! Glad they (might have) made it to Belfast!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Not a cage made that can hold those boys--nor a laundry basket, for that matter. Glad they made it across the Atlantic!


Lisa Richards said...

Can hardly wait to hear of their adventures in Ireland, which is a place of great mystery for some of us less-travelled types! :D

Kim said...

so cute how you recapped! They came to visit me in...
they were fun guest...
have fun.. : )

The dB family said...

Oh the adventures they have had! I'm glad they are no longer incarcerated and get to enjoy the Emerald Isle.