Friday, 17 February 2012

Grumpy giveaway

Even the Wombles are mocking us now. Tonight's chapter was The Snow Womble: It was a really beautiful morning, with the sun just up and the snow almost blindingly white except where it was in the shadows, where it turned to deep blue.

I had been saving this book for our snow.  I was ready for an un-white Christmas, and could happily console Jo. It always snows in January, I was thinking confidently. Ha!

So before winter is no longer with us, and given the profusion of hot cross buns and tulips in my local multi-huge national supermarket, I shall just have to offer you this now. I can no longer bear to look at the tantalising snowflake on the cover.

I must be clear. I am aforewarned by Angela's recent post. This book was given to me a whole snowy season ago, but it remains unread- it may be set in France but Mosse's deep caves are far too scary for me! So comment at your peril- one intrepid reader will be chosen next week. Bon courage- you might want to share some little anecdote of your snow with the poor snowless of the ironically frozen North!


Jane and Chris said...

Mags, we will have to agree to disagree on our feelings for the 'S' word.
Jane x
PS (whispers before running away)it snowed AGAIN today!

magsmcc said...

Jane, you are forgiven- you have a broken arm!

Angela said...

I went to the Deep South [Essex] for 24 hours and returned to find no traces of snow anywhere - just a rainbow arc over my village as I left the M1 and drove back to my house!

magsmcc said...

And was a there a crock of gold on the doorstep, Angela?

Pom Pom said...

I wish you some snow if you want some. Yummy! Hot cross buns. That books looks VERY interesting!

The dB family said...

Where is the snow then this winter. It is strangely absent in this part of the world too. I was hoping for at least one snow day this year. Regardless sounds like a good read. Maybe reading it will bring on the snow :o).


Fat Dormouse said...

This is to let you know that I’ve mentioned you on my Blog, as part of my being awarded a “Versatile Blogger” award. I know that many bloggers don’t do awards, and I can appreciate why...but I’d still like to acknowledge the fact that your blog is one that I visit regularly and enjoy reading. Thank you for that.
If you want to participate in the Versatile Blogger award, then do visit my blog at to find out more.

PS I loved this book. Much more than her earlier two.