Tuesday, 7 February 2012

For Mise

Mise has, as always, pronounced le mot juste in the her commentary on mon petit bloggisme. I wasn't thinking of cake stands per se, except that obviously subliminally I was. I am delighted!

Maybe if any old subbing money ever leaves County Hall and discovers the location of my non-Swiss bank account I'll get the Portia cake stand. This would be suitably appropriate after a part-time month of coaxing Year 9 through A Merchant of Venice.

This is the cake stand I'd send to Mise. Elegant perfection. Cake only to be served by lady-at-home in hat to match surrounded by an intelligent but still cake-appreciating circle of fine acquaintances.

Or perhaps we need something for Valentine's Day?
If a cake stand did appear, and actually, what a fine idea, it would perhaps be one of these.
Which one do you want? I'll ring County Hall tomorrow...


Gabe said...

You deserve more than a cake stand for leading anyone thru Shakespere!

Mise said...

My hat to match is perched precariously on my head. I'm glad the idea finds favour. At the end of it all your troops will have a few fine soliloquies and you'll have a cake-stand: fair deal.

The dB family said...

Who knew there was such a variety in cake stands. I do believe the more elegant stands would require elegant cakes. Therefore I would have to choose one of the bottom two :o).


Angela said...

I like the funky retro one at the top, and the apple one at the bottom. My cake stands are all charity shop bargains - but Bob has declared a moratorium on such purchases. We eat far too much cake as it is!!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I like the one at the top. I have a very plain version of the second one--it belonged to my husband's grandmother, and I love it more than a little.


Gumbo Lily said...

I want the first one, but with a delicious cake on top! Pretty!

Gill - That British Woman said...

I'll have the second one, I love the etching on the glass.

Gill in Canada