Monday, 27 February 2012

Greatitudes 498 - 527

This week I am very grateful for Lent. The time where you clear a space to find more of God and He rushes straight in and says, "I'm here for you." Thoughts rush in too and so many of them are shared through Floss. This is a very special, and a very tangible, result of bloggisme! Thankful for pancakes and a husband who'll make them continually all week!

There is progress on the blanket, and it is slow and erratic, but as some of you so beautifully pointed out, where's the rush?! Its width is the perfect length for a sun who stands above my shoulder and it is now just deep enough for him to snuggle under!

However, today I am overwhelmingly grateful to Cooking Catherine for an invitation to join her on a duty weekend at the Corrymeela Community. Living in community fascinates me, because I am so bad at it! But in the Croi for worship, looking at the cushions so intricately laid out on the floor, I was struck by how they lay cheek and jowl, jostled by each other, rubbed by each other, uncomfortable maybe with each other. But there they were, laid out before the cross, and fit for purpose, getting the job done.

"Come for a weekend of peace and quiet," said Catherine. "Come and get your head showered." (Interesting Northern Irish? expression for clearing the mind- no doubt linked to climate!) So I took my crochet and my book and my Lent journal. And barely touched any of it- so much noise and bustle and tea to drink and food to eat and volunteers to chat to and jobs to be done and tea to drink and food to eat and noise and tea and food..... I had the most fun, genuine, belly laugh, laugh, laugh, laugh fun that I have had in ages!

I did also walk lots and lots yesterday and there was much time to breathe and look and stand in awe. This is a wondrous land.

Now. Confession. I am deeply, deeply grateful that he who was lost has been found! Bedraggled, paint that has run, bit grubby from his ordeal. Oh dear! The full sad tale will be told tomorrow- but Mole has had a real live dark and scary adventure!


Angela said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend - awaiting with bated breath to hear the tales of Mole In A Hole though

blessings xx

Trellissimo said...

I'm grateful I occasionally have thought that rush, too... Sometimes they stand still. :)

Trellissimo said...

Thinks:- Could you perhaps think about turning off the double word verification horror your commenters are confronted with?

Betty said...

Looks like mole went underground? Your trip looked enjoyable, especially the beach. Betty

GretchenJoanna said...

Oh! Did Mole not go along with the other fellows? Or are they all at your place now? I am not keeping up very any case, I'm glad he's found.

And I love the phrase "getting one's head showered" ! Our Orthodox Lent has just begun and that must be what is happening to me.

The dB family said...

What a wonderful weekend -- for you anyways!! Oh dear, I'm curious to read what happened mole!