Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Pretty you, appreciative me, joy-full possibilities

Here comes a gush. Stop me if I run to sycophancy! It is simply that I cannot help being moved by blogs and their bloggistes just lately.

It is Pom Pom's fault tonight. Her latest pretty, appreciative, joy-full post makes me wonder why I don't revel in the lovely little bits of everyday.

So this month I am resolving to enjoy pretty you, be a more appreciative me, and explore all the joy-full possiblities that must surely lurk on dusty shelves?

Or maybe even behind closed doors! Happy hearts for February. Gush over. I'll leave you alone for a while- half-term next week. I'll be exploring the joy-full possibilities of chaos....


Gill - That British Woman said...

very nice, and glad you popped, but did you enter my giveaway?

Gill in Canada

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Oh, I love the Eric Carle caterpillar up there--I will gush over it all month, if you'd like. And the cheese in a jar? My goodness!


p.s. I'm holding the Wind in the Willows boys hostage! Please send me some cheese in a jar if you want them back.

Pom Pom said...

Hello dream girl!
Well, YOU are such a sweet and open soul and that's why you are Mags.
Mags the bestest.
I'm so glad you love substitute teaching. I do not know how you achieve all the wonderful relational feats that you do!
I hope the getaway is filled with breathtaking snuggles with the boys and bright sights all around.
I KNEW Frances was holding our boys hostage! Do send her the cheese right away!

Catherine said...

Yum that Damson cheese sounds good. I have been eating Black Doris plums all day today...oops I think there's juice dribbling down my chin. I love hearts!! And I especially like yours. My friend gave me a plum shaped as a heart today...wasn't that sweet of her? x0x0x

Scarlet said...

Love the photos , and the idea of appreciating the pretty things!

Angela said...

I have no damson cheese. But there is a little of the Christmas Damson Gin left lurking in the cupboard. Maybe this evening I shall allow myself a small glass [and the subsequent giggles]

Planning a Sunday afternoon full of crafted hearts ready for 14th

Enjoy halfterm - blessings x

Jayne said...

Beautiful pictures, and thank you for your message on my blog! Hope you're getting along well with the slow cooker. If you google 'crockpot 365' you will find a ton of recipes, I use that site a lot, and none of them require browning, which is a timesaver.

Annie said...

You are so right ... memo to self, take more time to savour life's pretty things :D