Sunday, 23 June 2013

Strawberries and Cream Giveaway

Last year in Cornwall we were absolutely, disappointingly incapable of finding the Platonic ideal of a cream tea! On our one rainy day, after a fun but dripping visit to a National trust tin mine, we embedded ourselves in the coffee shop of a panning-for-gold-themed-place for the rest of the afternoon. There were strawberries and cream and Monster Munch too.

I think the holidays competition was also absolutely incapable of being answered, so let's have a nice, easy giveaway to celebrate summer and holidays and no more marking! Leave a comment at the bottom of this post, and we strawberries will pick out a winner on the first day of our school holidays- Saturday 29th June.  All you brave, well-travelled and clever souls who had a go at our recent destinations have already been entered- but comment anyway!

I have a little box all packed up and ready to go with some cream and some strawberry items. It is happy to travel anywhere in the world! And just in case you wondered, the competition answers were:

2008: visiting Mrs Tiggy-Winkle at The World of Beatrix Potter in England's Lake District. Magical spot!

2009: Prince Charming baking under the Pont du Gard after a quick canoe down the same river. Fantastic interactive children's space all about Roman life.

2010: back in France, but in the deliberately cooler climes of Brittany. This was the town of Vannes, where the heads of Vannes et sa femme can still be seen jutting from their house.

2011: clambering over rocks below the James Joyce Tower in Sandycove, just outside Dublin. I think I've raved about it quite enough this month!

2012: Last year we had our first holiday in Cornwall, and spent a day awestruck in the Eden Project.

So, bonnes vacances to us all- and do leave a little word x


magsmcc said...

(For Mags' information! Jane, Pom Pom, MK, ElizabethD and Sandra all popped in to Competition time!)

Elizabethd said...

Thanks for the answers! I recognised Vannes, naturally, and also Cornwall!

The 'proper'
Cornish cream tea was always made with a sort of soft roll known as a split, not with scones. That seems to have changed lately.

M.K. said...

Hi, sweet strawberry girl! Thanks for the fun giveaway :) We were chatting about strawberries just this morning after church, and how delightful they are, spooned over angel food cake. Yum. OH boy!!

Angela said...

Such well travelled friends you have there! I WAS planning to go to a cream tea this afternoon - but Exhaustion won out and I went to bed after lunch and slept for 3 hours instead.

Still yawning now!

Jane and Chris said...

ACH! Pont Du Gard...oh, knickers!!
Jane x
That's the one that was tricksy...I had no clue!

GretchenJoanna said...

Most likely your standards for cream tea are different from and more authentic than those of someone who grew up with no education in this realm, but when Pippin and I toured England and Scotland some years ago we didn't find the scones et al to be what we expected in quality/richness. The tea itself was yummy and it was very hard not to drink too much and lie awake at night as a result...

Thistle Cove Farm said...

I would dearly love to visit Miss Potter's wonderful you've been there! I had no clue where any of those photos were taken; thanks for clearing it up.

Fat Dormouse said...

I recognised Pont du Gard and could have guessed Beatrix Potter's hangout but the others...?! No idea!
I love reading your blog, Mags, especially your Greatitudes.

Our strawberry plants have not been terribly successful this year, mostly because they're on our balcony and the cats WILL insist on eating them!!

annie said...

would love to have some right at this moment, yummm, strawberries!