Sunday, 2 June 2013

Bienvenue au jardin potager

Years ago I worked for a few summers on colonies de vacances en France and there was a song that we sang at a Holiday Bible Club that went: "Bienvenue au jardin potager..." and I've forgotten the rest! Floss or other francophones/francophiles/francovivantes, do you know this chanson? I do remember loving it. We sang it in a little salle just outside Marseilles. Lovely!
Jo and I spent much time this afternoon tackling the raised bed out front. We were planting out some squash and lettuce that we were given, prompted by Mattman's impatience to get his sunflower seedling into the ground. We dug out nine fantastic potatoes- sown and harvested three years ago! We also put the leek seeds into the vacated tub on the kitchen window sill. Thank you, Nedboy!
Jardin potager would be more of my more aspirational lifestyle dreams- I am always intimidated by your allotments and plots and green fingers! My achievements amount to some strawberries, here pushing through in the front flowerbed, given to us last year and put there because the strawberry bed was full, at that stage.
They live next door to this wonderful beast, the name of which you will instantly know and I instantly forgot when it was originally given to me in The Very Prestigious School where once I worked. It's a pearl of rain catcher.
The apple tree has been covered in blossom this year, and I am desperately trying to keep it clear of footballs, rugby balls, frisbees, Nerf darts, space hoppers...
One end of the strawberry bed is looking as promising as ever, though the other is very sparse. Job #1 that I might actually do is to buy a few more plants to supplement. We usually get a fine strawberry harvest, but sometimes miss the best of it because it comes when we're on holiday. This year the flowers have come much later than usual so I am saving strawberry recipes in the hope that we will be here for the glut!
 Job #2 that I would really want actually to do is weed out the rhubarb bed. It has also always been very good to us, and I should reciprocate!
Job #3 is replenish the herb pots. The little bay tree finally gave up, and I miss it. The rosemary is looking very woody, and the thyme battles on!

All advice and encouragement will be most welcome!


Pom Pom said...

Herbs are so lovely and generous, aren't they? I planted parsley, basil, and lavender yesterday. I hope it grows!
I also planted green beans that I shall roast in the oven, slathered with olive oil and salt. YUM!

Elizabethd said...

Your raincatcher is Alchemilla Mollis, or also known as Lady's Mantle. I love its frothy yellow Summer flowers.

Isabelle said...

Hope the marking's going well. I feel for you. In my employed days, I'd be doing it too... a huge pile of Higher English. Argh.

M.K. said...

Beautiful taters!!! I've never successfully grown a potato :(

Regarding rosemary: I just remind myself that it is, at its heart, a Mediterranean plant. Thus, I try to give it lots of hot sun, water that drains well, and kind of a sandy, hot environment. I picture an ocre-tiled courtyard by the ocean - haha :) But I had some happy rosemary!

Jane and Chris said...

We are in the process of revamping the veggy patches. It's very easy to begin new rosemary from old woody bushes. Yank off (yes the more angled the torn area the better) a stem of rosemary (don't cut it but tear it off the plant).Place it in a glass filled with water,roots will begin to grow ,once you have roots,plant the fledgling rosemary bush, et voila!
Jane x