Monday, 10 June 2013

Brain befuddled thanks 788 - 798

I really am in a bit of a fuzzy groove this week. The marking is nearly finished- one and a half centres to go, and on track for a Thursday finale. But it's getting harder the closer to the end I get! I think I'm tired. Une nuit blanche will do that to the soul! (Word Reference's definition captures none of the magic of this phrase! Think of the two nights in House of Special Purpose instead!)

And on a completely irrelevant note, have you read House of Special Purpose? I liked it. I was recommending it to friends last week who are considering a cruise to St Petersburg. Oh the decadence of the retired!

Anyway. Befuddled. As a wise woman said to me today, it does feel like I've been marking half my life, and the strawberries are not entirely impressed. Normal service will be resumed soon, guys. And I've done an on-line grocery order, so tomorrow there will be food...

I spent one night at Brownie camp at the weekend. Heather Boss will have photos up on Hookery soon, if you'd care to take a peek. I suspect there may be evidence of me marking in my floppy hat. I fear there may be evidence of my marking in my floppy hat!

It is a wonderful thing that leaders are still prepared to take children away on trips. It is so very good for them. I am deeply grateful for all the fantastic, formative experiences I have had on residentials, and for the fact that my boys can still branch out and stay up all night and eat nonsense and fall in rivers. And have the time of their lives! That's what one of my boys did this weekend. The other one was hiking and canoeing and cycling with Dad. Dads are fantastic and formative also!

And so to bed. Three more days to go. And then there will be a competition!


Thistle Cove Farm said...

Mags, not familiar with the book, what's it about? A cruise to St. Petersburg...lovely! I can be packed in 15 minutes.

Angela said...

Please give us a book review. Hope marking done soon and normal service resumed chez fraise. x

Pom Pom said...

Oh, I am SO glad the marking is almost finished! Will you do it again? I hope not!
I can't get into Cold Comfort Farm. Can you inspire me?

Catherine said...

Thank goodness it's not just my brain that is suffering befuddlement!! Sorry, but that makes me feel much better & I can't blame it on the marking.
Yes please do tell us a bit more about The House of Special Purpose..I went and found a review or two on line but it's important why YOU enjoyed it. My dear neighbour Margaret said the other day that she would love to go to St Petersburg & I am now plotting a possible book buy for her birthday in July.
Rest soon...very soon.
Much love Catherine x0x0x