Sunday, 24 March 2013

Making tracks

We're having the most lovely nearly snowed in weekend. I think Jo was genuinely disappointed that we didn't lose power. He spent the whole of Friday evening putting candles in candlesticks in every room. And yes. We did have a very firm fire safety talk!

I spent last night putting Prince Charming's Christmas present to good use, making tracks around McPhee. You really can't beat Attic 24 for tutorials. I must put some coffee money in her kitty soon. 

I'm mostly using the Wise Craft link for joining with granny rows. Though it looks very different from the joining that Queen Niqi and Heather Boss do, so I should investigate the latter.

It has very quickly taken on a blanket feel. I only have the three out of the four inner rectangle rows joined, but it sits cosily and heavily on the lap, and is the perfect accompaniment to a nearly snowed in weekend!

You could all be seeing it in the flesh yarn sooner than you might have imagined, should this stormy weather not subside...


Jane and Chris said...

Ireland is heading our way YAY! I'll put the coffee on!
Jane x

Thistle Cove Farm said...

We're expecting snow all week long...ALL week long! I'm so tired of being cold although today was warm enough for just a jacket...a gift!

Fat Dormouse said...

It was 17degrees here yesterday! I hope Ireland gets towed back into place again soon!:-)

Angela said...

Blanket is looking more fabulous by the day [getting quite a Kaffe Fassett vibe to it now, I think]

That looks suspiciously like Carl Vorderman doing the weather forecast!

It is still snowing here [9am Sunday morning]

Sunday blessings x

hope you have power and light at church [in every sense]

Elizabethd said...

Oh dear! Glad you didn't get blown away with poor old Ireland!

M.K. said...

Oh, Mags, isn't it just SO much fun to see it coming together? To see the individual littles becoming one BIG? Lovely, dear :)