Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Spring Shoes

Those of you who have seen the dishevelled wreck who is me will know that I don't have immaculate shoes for every season. Well, I do have favourite boots, Jane, for rubbish weather (most days), and weather beaten plimsolls for drier days. No, the only sort of Spring shoes that I think about are the ones required for our Annual Very Big Night Out.

These were the ones I laughed at last year.

These were the ones in which I did manage both to walk and dance last year.

But these little piggies, these little piggies have 8cm heels and these are the shoes in which I shall be attempting to stay upright on Saturday night. I'm feeling relatively confident. I have discovered videojug.


Jane and Chris said...

Most sensible..I have, on occasion, required an oxygen mask when wearing towering heels...looks dreadful with an evening dress!
Jane x

Gumbo Lily said...

It must quite an Event for such lovely shoes. Dancing? Nice!

Mise said...

Mary Janes with a dance heel: how chic, how trendy, how high! I wish you steadiness.

Angela said...

I love your shoes! The video is hilarious- for a start her legs are twice as long as mine, and then I notice she seems to have forgotten to put on her skirt!

Have a WONDERFUL evening [sans enfants] Please do not trip and break any bones.