Friday, 27 April 2012


We have all been making progress in our chosen fields this week.

Mattman displayed unbelievable confidence in the face of chilly, wet, slippery birthday activities.

Dr Jo is rewriting Solar System research.

Heather Boss spent the whole of her birthday in the Bookery, but we did what we could to lighten the load! The occasion was marked by the setting up of a blog for Hookery in the Bookery- the raison d'etre of which will be to record Patricia's instructions for us! But do take a look- though you might need to bear with us for a while!

This is my weekend frippery. I did go out today to buy tasteful, nay sophisticated, yarn to match my burgundy dress for tomorrow night. This is what I came back with! You'll have to look at Hookery in the Bookery tomorrow for the rest!

1 comment:

Angela said...

Now I am confused, is the link you sent me to google -which was PLAIN burgundy -the colour of the DRESS.
more photos needed sometime, please!

have fun x