Sunday, 8 April 2012

Empty Nest

I know that I've had them far, far too long. It was the book! Frances was right; you have to read it slowly and attentively and smile and laugh and ponder in all the right places. And then, my goodness, then you have to humbly add something of yourself therein and, Pom Pom, you could not overestimate how even more beautiful your book is becoming!

So as well as St Patrick's Day the boys ended up staying for Easter. There were many eggs, real and au chocolat.

An Easter Egg Hunt and lots of birthday cake too.

But now it's time to go for a sail across the Irish Sea. Things that I have done- for the benefit of those still awaiting their turns in the European/Australasian legs of this Willows' Grand Tour of the Whole World:

I have read, and coloured and written in the book, and put my name and town in the inside cover. I haven't taken a picture of me reading the book, but this is mostly where I read it! I have added a little something in the hidden pocket for Betty. I have stamped their passport. And I am most gratefully (sorry, Mole) packing all three of them up for one last Celtic Adventure!

I loved the way that the book ends with everyone happily and safely strolling through the Wild Woods, now tamed. So it is highly appropriate that we change the Itinerary just slightly so that the next stop will be back in the woods after such a long stay in suburbia! Betty, the Wood Fairy- the Willows are on their way!


Pom Pom said...

Hooray! Oh, I like looking at my pink book! Maybe I need a dip into The Wind in the Willows tonight.
I'm so excited to see all the lovely embellishments!
Those boys are so blessed to have such a GRAND Tour, aren't they? Thank you for your kind hospitality! I bet the passport is looking fine, too!

Jane and Chris said...

I'm guessing that Toad ate the most chocolate.
Jane x

Betty said...

Looking forward to welcoming the Willows to Wood Land. It is wet here but bluebells are out and Ambercat has accepted the idea of having a rat in the house. Bettyx

Elizabethd said...

What fun! I'm so sad not to have been able to welcome them, but with our moving date now only 2 weeks away it was impossible. Imagine if they had got put in a packing case!

Angela said...

Looking forward to meeting them after they have been to BTWF - but anxious that they will feel it is an anticlimax after their great adventures thus far!

no spring chicken said...

How wonderful to have been able to host the boys over Easter...

Love that window!

Blessings, Debbie

The dB family said...

I wondered where the fellows had gone. Looking forward to seeing what they're up to next :o)!


Lisa Richards said...

This is certainly the trip of a lifetime for these three country boys! Glad you had lots of fun with them. Wish I could look over Pom Pom's shoulder when she sees the book at the end of it journey!
She'll have to post LOTS of photos for us!
Bon voyage, boy!