Friday, 6 April 2012

Bunting is next to....

I have been working on a project this week. It's for PC's birthday which happens to fall on Easter Sunday this year. It's actually for the fence out back, but there was a family lunch in mind!

It was good to have a project on the go. When Queen Niqi came round to Strawberry Land not once but twice in search of crochet advice, it meant that I could potter with more degree of credibility than she might normally hope to find!
She did single-handedly interpret her way round (no pun intended) this month's Mollie Makes' spiral flower. No strawberries were in any way involved in the making thereof! Though Hookery in the Bookery did spend all Wednesday night pondering thereon, and the Mighty Patricia has now her own illustrated pattern and prototype. Well, actually I have the prototype, because she's that sort of generous!

I went on doing things with triangles. And on and on! And with egg cups which was mildly satisfying!

Ten centimetre gaps worked best. I had to be very focussed because there was an awful lot of hoovering, dusting, shopping and strawberry entertaining that could possibly have got in the way.

So I didn't let much come between me and the goal. I do somewhere in my mother's genes believe that cleanliness is next to Godliness.

But I have decided that bunting can obviously be next to cleanliness on the list of things to do. So, could we not also have it as next to Godliness? A post-post-modern twist?


Angela said...

that is such cool stripy fabric
I hope Sunday is warm and sunny with a VERY gentle breeze to ruffle your bunting! The Anglicans up the road used to do a thing called "Godly Play" but sadly bunting never seemed to be involved.

my crochet skills are sadly neglected of late. It is over 4 months since I picked up a hook.oh dear!

blessings x

Betty said...

How lovely, crochet flowers, bunting, creative corner, I love all of it. I was once told that being creative is a form of worship and I think it is a very good form of worship - what could be better than creating something beautiful with the gifts God gave us.

The dB family said...

That is the cutest bunting! I love all the stripeys. I can imagine that it will look prefect on the fence for an Easter birthday. I also adore that crocheted flower. I'm just going to finish my cup of Earl Grey and I'm off to make some more cleanliness of my own!


Cleo Crafts said...

Queen niqi was wearing her crochet flower today on a pop-in to Cleo Crafts :) xx

Mise said...

I imagine no hierarchy is involved in cleanliness being next to godliness, so bunting could be next to godliness on the other side, and they could all sit at the top table, just for the sake of the peace. Admirable focus of yours there and you have a serious iron.

magsmcc said...

That stripey material is a very old, very useless and thus never used, very cheap ironing board cover!

Jane and Chris said...

Gosh if that were my ironing board cover I may iron more often...very clever to convert it to excuse for ironing now!
Jane x

Pom Pom said...

Hi Mags! Well, happiest of birthdays to PC on Easter Sunday!
Your bunting is very snazzy! Your garden will look so festive!
Cleaning the house for parties takes forever, doesn't it? Sigh.
The brooches are lovely. I wish I was better at crochet directions!
I wish you a blessed Easter, friend.

Gumbo Lily said...

I like the stripey birthday bunting very much. The crochet flowers are divine. You hookers do such good work.