Friday, 13 April 2012

Easter Holidays

The Willows are bouncing down to England. We miss them very much! As Lisa said in her comment on the last post, I too would love to look over Pom Pom's shoulder when finally she opens the book. I need a new project, or maybe I should just get on with the current one! Here it is- yarn rippling over sea rippling. A good way to cross the Irish Sea!

No better way to spend a few Easter days- Egg Hunting at Culzean Castle, Canadian canoeing on Lough Lomond, and all around Edinburgh. Mattman and I would like to live in Edinburgh- Pam, we'll definitely meet for coffee next time! I promised Mattman to tell you that the average visitor to the Museum of Scotland emits 898kg of Environmentally Bad Things when travelling. I apparently am responsible for 89kg, but Mattman scored only 11kg! Next time he goes he will, he tells me, remember to say that sometimes he cycles to school instead of walking, and this will, he thinks, lower his score even more...

Icebergs: topic of the month for Belfast folk!


Pom Pom said...

I get goosebumps when I think about the pink book and how full of love and imagination it will be!
Your holiday looks WONDERFUL! Your ripples are coming along nicely. I love the colors you chose!

Angela said...

No icebergs in Norfolk this week [apart from lettuce]
You saw the pandas!
Why is cycling better than walking?

blessings x

Jane and Chris said...

The ripple over sea ripples stole my heart..and I love your funky footwear.
Lots of happy memories of Edinburgh from when we lived close by...but you're going to have to tell me what Canadian canoeing is. I'm Canadian, and didn't know that we canoed any differently!
Jane x

magsmcc said...

Thanks Pom Pom! Jane - we distinguish the small canoes as kayaks and the big ones for more than one persons as Canadians! Angela, who knows?! In the mind of a very nearly nine year old- who knows?!

Jane and Chris said...

Well, I guess there is an obesity problem in N America!
Jane x

Isabelle said...

Ah, the Elephant House! I hope you ate something unhealthy but yummy?

Isabelle said...

Ooh, and the pandas! We live - oh - half a mile from the Zoo and haven't made it along yet... You could have dropped in for a loo stop!