Saturday, 17 October 2009

The beauty of the morning..

..and the afternoon and the evening and the night! Oh but this week has been awesomely, speechlessly, painfully beautiful! The sheer pleasure of driving down the road, up the road, round the roads- or not the roads per se, but the trees alongside, under the sharp blue sky, in the warm scented air. Autumn in the suburbs, not quite New England (or even the blissfully remembered Madison, Indiana) in the Fall, but Eden enough for me!

And I have no photos of the uncapturable, just some shots of preparations for friends coming to dinner. Edwin and Marjorie. Erudite, musical, genteel friends who made the piano sing, the suns laugh and us happy! Thank you!

Pumpkin soup with homemade bread (from Cooking Catherine's on-indefinite-loan bread-maker), lazy Chicken, cheeseboard, rhubarb crumble and custard. Miam miam... Happy Autumn!

ps I realise on reading that the emphasis is on driving through the trees- yes, only Prince Charming did the school walk this week, and me so incensed about the Polar ice-cap...

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VintageVicki said...

Am jealous - your half term holiday sounds wonderful :)

Make sure the blog features lots of pictures.