Monday, 19 October 2009

Joy- or Mattman works magic

Today was the first day in a very long time that I could passionately, honestly, proudly declare to have been joyous! The main catalyst- Mattman had a great day at school. And the angels sang... Positive comments in his reading diary, 63/65 on a word recognition test, not one but two anecdotes from class where he was the hero, and the broadest, most beautiful smile on his face when he came straight to me from the school door. All good!

Swiftly followed by a good swimming lesson, brilliant homework and impressively grown-up choices and conversations right up until bedtime. Joy! We sat for a while before getting into the Mental Maths, playing with his Cuisenaire rods. And he was full of theory, accuracy, pattern. It has been fabulous after these last two months to enjoy him unreservedly. The road ahead may still be long, as my spring-born boy glides blissfully unaware through the set targets and tick boxes of school, but days like today help. Enormously!

Lots of patterns in the garden today as well- we did all manage to get there for a kick amongst the leaves in the midst of our engagements! Phone photos do not do colour justice to the autumnal riot taking place outside the dining room window, so you'll just have to come and drink tea there instead...

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Catherine said...

Way to go Mattman! Brilliant!