Wednesday, 21 October 2009

38 Sleeps

What I want to be posting are pictures of my Crochet Beanie for Mattman that is coming on beautifully now that I've had my expert tuition from my Friends Who Really Do Craft. Or even photos from Crafting Lorna's birthday tea party in the Bean yesterday morning where said tutorial took place. A great moment!

What I want to be posting are descriptions of how precious it is to have Crafting Lorna, Crafting Niqi and Crafting Catherine who are always there in the Bean at some overlapping point in the morning, with whom to drink green tea, or gingerbread steamers, to solve the problems of the Land of the Tearful Strawberries and beyond, to crochet, knit and sew. Or even the excitement of finally finding a name that fits, thanks only to Crafting Lorna who had the scintillating wit to propose "Bean Craftin'". Great moments.

What I will, however, post is the panic of this moment! Having got down the dusty and neglected calendar I discover not how many shopping days are left, or how many weeks are left in which to order a turkey, because my butcher has already scared me with that. Worse still.

There are only 38 sleeps until the day of Preparing for Advent. A wonderful idea hatched by Cooking Catherine last week. We will double-handedly hold a day of cooking, craft, quiet and Christ- I can't wait. It will be beautiful, not least because she's hosting it in her beautiful house! But still, ten places, one cookery slot (Ckng Catherine), one craft slot (Crftng Catherine and Niqi!), two meditations (Mags).

38 sleeps!

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Catherine said...

Looking forward to it!