Monday, 19 October 2009

holy experience

41. The excitement of planning a Preparing for Advent day with Cooking Catherine- book one of ten places now! Cooking, craft, quiet and Christ.
42. Mattman's great enthusiasm, and concentration, in his piano lessons.
43. Jojo's appearing at my side tonight- I'm cross with you, Mummy, because you didn't snuggle me in my bed.
44. The resounding worship in Whiteabbey Presbyterian this morning.
45. Meeting long unseen friends there- and I don't mean you, Crafting Catherine!
46. Can I have the little house in the Mournes again?
46b. Just in case- pumpkin soup with friends.
47. Pumpkins- we only see them once a year, and for such a short time!
48. The discipline of being grateful, and the challenges.
49. This little house in suburbia, still big enough for us.
50. The strange bouleversement of Prince Charming, through the Beattie's loss. There is a pregnant mystery of change in him.


Catherine said...

Are you not thankful for seeing me then?!!! LOL!!

magsmcc said...

Not thankful for seeing you, no, but definitely thankful for you...