Thursday, 29 October 2009


This was my weekend read in the stormy mountains and oh my goodness a more harrowing read you could not have this week. No scary monsters, ghosts or giant flying bats needed here. This is the grisly tale of "what man can do to man", or rather what woman can do to woman, or what power can do to the individual.

Fabulous. Thanks to Crafting Catherine for lending it to me- it's coming back soon!

Pure, clean lines of language; landscapes horrific in their descriptions and imagery- the heron haunted me from that opening paragraph; and a harrowing, harrowing narrative. It reminded me of nothing more than the original Wicker Man movie. That light-handed, wistful humour nonetheless survives in a very succinct story leaves me most impressed.

And for those of you who would still require a ghoul this season there is the irrepressible "rapper" of a poltergeist...

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Catherine said...

Glad you liked it!