Sunday, 20 September 2009

Rhubarb and Custard

Many significant things have passed below my bridge this weekend, of which one was a delivery of rhubarb! Thanks to Rod and Dee for same; my rhubarb this summer has been thin and sickly, and thus muchly lovely it was to be given a bag of thick and juicy stems.

None of the above photos are, obviously, of my rhubarb. I did arrange a suitably bloggy photo as I started to chop this afternoon, but once again I have killed the camera battery by having it plugged into the computer too long, resulting in Significant Thing Number 2.

I do not need Facebook or my (still a bit lamented) Cherryblossom FarmVille Farm in order to while away hours at the keyboard. A simple Google image search will provide hours of fascinating trove of blogs, recipes and childhood cartoons- rhubarb and custard to you too!

Hence my deactivated FB status may yet lead to the hoped for productive use of time, but this won't necessarily mean less time right here! I can guarantee that it won't be leading to a batch of handmade macaroons, although maybe the muffins could appear alongside the standard crumble and little jar of Jamie Oliver directed compote (delicious with cheese- much of which has also gorgeously been left behind by Rod and Dee)... Who's for lunch tomorrow?

1 comment:

Catherine said...

Me?!!! Sounds scrummy!
I am very proud of you deleting Facebook....I should too but I think I am scared of missing out on something...what I don't know!!