Saturday, 6 February 2010

Key Skills

Mags' perspective:

Year 10 Careers 12.25pm Friday. Key Skills. Communication being top of the List. Example given was of asking for a refund in a shop. I recount PC's highly successful standing ground in a well-known car and bicycle chain.

The story began last Saturday when all four strawberries set off excitedly to buy new bikes for junior strawberries. There was a sale that had been well researched by PC. Chosen bikes were not in stock. Lamentation and gnashing of milk teeth. Assistant assures us that bikes will be in stock on Wednesday and, my goodness yes, this sale will be on for another month.

PC returns to same shop with small things on Wednesday night when I was at my Library work. Manager decries thought that sale would still be on and the bikes are not yet out of their packages and are therefore unbuilt. Come back on Friday, and ok we'll let you have them at sale price.

Calm negociation on PC's part displays great communication skills. Even my Year 10 are impressed by this and particularly like thought that at that very moment two small suns will soon be cycling happily along.

Prince Charming's perspective:

Friday. First visit to shop. Bikes are here, come this way to complete paperwork. Daddy, I can't pedal this. Jojo's stabilisers are touching ground, but the back wheel alas no. PC also spots screws missing on Mattman's silver loveliness. Oh dear, we'll have to fix that.

Prince Charming's calm negociation skills are disappearing fast, as is suns' ability to delay gratification much longer. Quick trip to not just any coffee shop, but *&* coffee shop. Apple juice and gingerbread men later. We can't seem to fix these stabilisers. They're a bit wobbly. They're not really safe enough for my child. Hmmm. Refund for stabilisers. Trip required to another well-known high street stockist of all things children for stabilisers (and new cycle helmet to avoid paying any more money to chain 1).

Don't know that Year 10 patience would stretch to the full version next week!

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