Thursday, 25 February 2010

Ireland's Call

Where would we be without Radio 4? I love it. It takes me right back to hovering around my mother in the kitchen while she worked to the now deeply reassuring tones of Woman's Hour, then broadcast much later in the day, I think?

Well, today I listened to their first Lenten talk by Will Self on iplayer. What a great, free, erudite broadcasting we can have! I had come from breakfast in bed, crocheting to the still deeply reassuring Woman's Hour; my Thursday mornings can be unashamedly hedonistic!

My own Lenten readings have been no less of a revelation. As I looked back over the first few days I found myself circling all occurrences of the word back and becoming more and more determined to move forward instead.

When I grew up here in the seventies nobody talked about what was going on. Even my denomination was iniquitously silent thereon. Our news this week is not good. But I won't go back.

Meanwhile Prince Charming has gone rugby mad. It started with Invictus last Saturday night and I have been informed that it is due to culminate in a rugby viewing, Guinness swilling, ultimately meal consuming party this Saturday. His own blog reverberates with Ireland's Call which has apparently been taught to the strawberries this evening! Like the movie, we're beyond rugby as mere sport. No child of ours is going back either.


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Angela said...

At church last night, we spent time praying for you all in NI. Our Leicestershire Chief Constable, Matt Baggott, left us, to go to you, last year. He is a good man and we miss him - but pray God will use him at this time in your country .Lenten blessings xx

UKZoe said...

Watch out for those comments in Chinese characters in my experience (and I just checked that one above and was correct), the dots afterwards are a link to sites with stuff you might not be wanting to link to.