Friday, 12 February 2010

I am intending.

I am intending to finish packing for a weekend away with Prince Charming, both suns, and my parents in the same mountain hide-away that sheltered us at Hallowe'en.

I am intending to make and ice a carrot cake after packing and before a hot and luxuriant bubble bath.

I am intending to decide whether or not to insert quirky images like Crafting Catherine or to scour our archives for relevant photographs.

I was intending to avail of twenty-four hour Mr Very Big Supermarket Chain to procure last minute essentials.

As you can see, I am achieving none of the above- but I am very much enjoying all your posts! (This does, however, reinforce my current ponderings on Lenten fasts...)

Happy Half-Term! See you for pancakes- a very big day in our house!

1 comment:

Catherine said...

Lent is for Facebook not blogs!! LOL!!
Have a fab weekend!