Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Feasting on Lent

Apologies for the weird picures today! We've gone to the desert big time in our house this week- no sand left in the sandpit, so we made do with a lid and a packet of red lentils! Just to further clarify: Jesus is Spiderman "because Spiderman is powerful", and we have a dark knight as the Devil. As we were including Mark's account in our study we also had to have angels- Mattman found one left hanging around (no pun intended!) from the Christmas tree-and wild animals- you may note some dinosaurs in amongst the lions (and tigers)!

Just out of picture we had an ELC garage as the city with tall temple, and a homemade cuckoo clock perched atop the Wii box as a high mountain. Jojo impressively said that the mountain must have been Mount Evrest- his pronunciation; we do know a lot about Everest and other big mountains in this house, don't we, dear?!

Interstingly our lives formed a perfect parallel to the Temptation story yesterday. From the great triumph of this creatively spiritual moment we descended into the hell of a day at home with two small boys that included a broken (favourite) vase and much lamentation on everyone's part. PC points out as I type that this is just like my own enlightened thought of the weekend- the Temptation comes immediately after the triumph of the Baptism. There you go...

I will not be giving up chocolate for Lent. I will be giving up the inordinate amount of time I use escaping to the Internet, ie facebook! And instead I will be going back to my usual Lenten read- Delia, but not with her chef's hat on. And generally trying to get back on top of my life here in Strawberry Land!

I have all your addresses saved into Favourites and will be reading you as special treats- but less from me for a while. Thank you for all your kind comments, and may Lent for you be a time of calm reflection- with more angels than wild beasts!

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Pom Pom said...

Wow! LOVE all the metaphoric connection in this post! Your children are blessed.