Monday, 22 February 2010

A gold medal in the Strawberry Olympics

I have not been angry today. I have not been anxious today. A new song has been sung in this house today. Two suns have gone to bed happy, and I cannot quite believe today.

This is my little attempt at a Lenten creative journal. If you do away with the... clenched fist... your light will rise in the darkness , and your shadows become like noon. Isaiah 58. I'm very encouraged- there has never been a clenched fist, I must categorically point out, but there is generally rage at some point!

Earlier in Lent I smiled at the repetition of "thanks offerings" in Psalm 50. And wavered over my Lenten abstention from Internetia. This and Floss' post have sent me to the keys. 172-181.


Catherine said...

Glad it has been a good day! :o)

Angela said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I have LOVED reading through yours [had to be REALLY disciplined and set my oven timer, so I didn't waste hours when I ought to be Productively Working! but I shall complete my perusal later] So many of your posts resonate with me
Lenten blessings x

Angela said...

6.50pm. I got in from school, cooked and served a meal, then returned to your blog. I have just worked out how to make the cool boxes featured on 12th/17th december [using scrap paper & hole punch] Thats good dear, said my beloved- but why didn't you just contact the blogger and ask for instructions? [cos I am obstinate, that is why!!]
but I am SO pleased with the result.
thanks for the idea