Thursday, 11 September 2014


We have been enjoying the most fabulous September weather this week. Every day is warm and airy. We get home from our schools and pour ourselves straight into the garden. The conkers are becoming visibly brown and are just ready to fall all over us and we cannot wait.  Please note the fine linen spread on our recently moved table.

I had not one but two parcels waiting for me this afternoon. One was very expected and may I just congratulate Clarks for using a sensible courier who can take a decision that doesn't involve spending your weekend driving the length of the borough to retrieve undelivered mail?

But Sandra of Thistle Cove Farm- thank you immensely for this beautiful tablecloth! I have been imagining what American feasts it has already hosted. It is quite the most perfect companion to Scarlet's gifts of last month. Bloggistes really are a kind and generous band of folk.

The solitary pear on my Christmas pear tree has now clearly reached a weight that allows it to hang vertically rather than horizontally. This is emcouraging, if slightly less smile inducing.

We moved the garden table from under the kitchen window because I wanted to have a quiet corner for herb pots and thinking. This is the starting point! These chairs sat in full sun just under the kitchen window in Strawberry Land and they were my thin place. A place where the barrier between Heaven and Earth is thin, and where God is strongly felt.
Glorious sunshine to the front as well. That tree in a pot was waiting for us when we arrived just over five months ago, and it has taken me all this time even to begin to have the courage to rearrange things. Its next move might involve more than a rearrange.
This tree, however, is much more intriguing. Answers on a postcard, or in a comment, please?

Bloggistes of my world, may the Son be shining on your face all day x


M.K. said...

Is it perhaps a crabapple tree? Looks like one to me. If the fruit is VERY tart (puckeringly so), but vaguely like a hard apple, then that's it.

Sandra is a dear -- isn't that cloth perfect for Strawberry Land? I like your "thin place." There are spots on this earth (and moments, certainly) where we feel the gossamer veil separating us from heaven is very thin.

Blessings to you and your pretty September!

Jane and Chris said...

Gorgeous sunny views...quite the contrast to our stormy day..and night...and day.
I'm renaming *sings* "..the place where I sit,there isn't any oth-er pl-ace quite like it" the Thin Place.
Jane x

Kezzie said...


I love your new home!!x

Granny Marigold said...

Could those be Pomegranates, by chance?

Fat Dormouse said...

Lovely to see your views...the view from our kitchen includes the public toilet and the cemetery, but if you allow your eyes to rise above these things there is a lovely hillside covered in autumnal shades. Maybe a metaphor for life? Rise above the toilets and there is something beautiful!!?

Elizabeth said...

Your tree looks a little like the cider apple trees that grew in Brittany. It might also be a crab apple with designs on growing into a 'proper' apple tree.

Pom Pom said...

Conkers! More about that please! Sandra sent a wonderful and symbolic gift! How pretty! I love your new piece of earth!

Angela said...

I suspect it is a crab apple too. VERY tart as MK says. Makes a good jelly, but a lot of work.
Love the tablecloth
And your 'thin place'
The Son has truly shone here this week, and we are grateful

blessings xx

GretchenJoanna said...

I was guessing crabapple myself. Love your views!!