Sunday, 21 September 2014


I stayed in bed feeling cold-ridden and just plain tired this morning. Then when all the men came home they told me that there had been a video about me in church. Here it is! Maybe it's not just about me!

More on books later x


Jane and Chris said...

Thanks for sharing! A fabulous reminder that we are all working for the Big Guy in our own ways...even though we may not realise it.
Jane x
PS Keep you germs to yourself and get better soon.

Betty said...

Thats a lovely video - especially as Anne is allowed to eat lots of cake in it. It is an important responsibility, isn't it, that we are ambassadors for our faith.

M.K. said...

"Like a cross between a sheepdog and a NATO peace-keeping force." That made me giggle!! Good video, Mags. But I'm glad you stayed home to rest too. God's kingdom workers need rest :)