Thursday, 18 September 2014

Views not quite from my window

So balmy has it been every single afternoon that I come home from school and install myself on my long-ago birthday present lounger and I breathe. This was after all one of two goals for this year. The breathing. I think I have used the lounger more this week than I have done in a few summers.
The other goal was to link every Thursday to Jane's international views. The breathing has hitherto been the more consistently successful of the two goals, but I feel I'm making progress!
There has been a mist hanging over Belfast Lough for well nigh two weeks now, and I can't remember what the County Down coastline looks like, nor can you see the war memorial on the top of Knockagh Hill beyond the little maple tree.
This isn't the view from the window, but it's pretty close. 360 degrees from my semi-horizontal state of semi-slumber. Homeworks, dinner and all else on hold for fifteen minutes a sunny day. And it's nearly the weekend xx


Pom Pom said...

Good thinking, Mags! Deep breaths!

Jane and Chris said...

Love the prone your fence slanted or is it my eyes failing me?
Jane x

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I like your views very much. Keep breathing, my dear!


GretchenJoanna said...

I love looking around your place! The green is so deep, and the scent of the moist air...(inhale)...ahhh.

M.K. said...

Mags, when you say words like "Belfast Lough" or "County Down" or "Knockagh Hill" (and I imagine your lovely accent), it makes me want to come visit you. Sigh. I would love a 2-week mist over everything. I would tend to sleep and not come out of hibernation. Your breathing trend sounds marvelous!

Kezzie said...

Oooh, so lovely!!@ wish I'd taken some time outside this week!!! X